Clyde the Cat

Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

As you’ve probably suspected by my seemingly cryptic posts regarding recording and mixing some mysterious project, I do indeed have something brand new coming up and it’s damn time to come clean about it.

The new CD is entitled Clyde the Cat and with a title like that I’ve “got some ‘splaining to do”…

The cover for Clyde the Cat

Clyde was actually born out of a few reasons. Once I started working on 212 I couldn’t stop the creative juices from continuing to flow. I got in such a recording groove that I just couldn’t stop.

In fact, I started recording tunes and things that I had been wanting to tackle for years, older songs of mine I wanted to update and bring into this era of my music. I had live-only versions of tunes never recorded, tracks that were slated for When Gravity Fails that were left off the CD due to time limitations (Steve Smith on drums!), tracks recorded in Italy, and just about everything else swirling around. And to be a total truthful gear whore, I started getting some incredible guitar tones with some new amps that I felt couldn’t be wasted and not shared with you for another year or two.

We just finished mixing in Atlanta last week with Rick Beato and assisted by Ken “GL” Lanyon (the same team that brought you 212). I gotta tell you, the mixes are f’n crushing! They are in their way to Los Angeles as I type this to get mastered.

I’ll share more details, preview clips, stories and the ultimate release date of this project coming up, but I have to answer the #1 question that I have gotten so far: Why the name Clyde the Cat? Seems like a strange moniker for a CD, right? I agree.

The simple truth of it is that I was tracking one day and my boy Clyde jumped up next to me on my Diezel Herbert and was just hanging out listening to the session. I clicked a picture of him chillin’ and the rest is history.

Also, I have to tell you that it was such a fun project to do that a serious/gothic/heavy/existential title with deep seated meaning just seemed so not this project. That’s what 212 was to me. This is something light and fun and I hope you agree when you hear it.

We are working out the release schedule and all of those details right now, but I’ll be getting you all involved and letting you check out some of the tracks beforehand. Y’all are all die hards and I couldn’t do it without you. I’m really excited to have you hear Clyde the Cat!



  1. kleaverman Said:

    This is an excellent cd. Thanks for the early download.

  2. Jateku Said:

    I have not heard this album yet but i can’t wait..(till my computer gets fixed) I love all of your music!!!

  3. captrb Said:

    hi from lee glad the new cd is about a cat! i was thinking about the over under hand on the neck trill you do really fast and thought it’d be a trip if someone did it with sweeps-most can’t -but i bet you could!

  4. Irek Said:

    Hi from Munich (Germany),

    is there any chance that Munich appears in your tour list ?
    If you would ask, do I sell tickets there, I would answer yes you do. In Munich there too many people an too less concerts and like events. Everything is sold long before it takes place. I would really appreciate if you sacrifice 20 sek of you life and consider to give concert in Munich. I am sure all fans in Germany will get crazy. You are really one of few if not the only guitar player which did something else than the whole rest. You are my only reason I decided to return to e-guitar playing. Thank you for that.
    Wish you all the best,
    kind regards, irek

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